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July 2022 



The Sea to Sky Infinity Loop is dreamt up by the Outdoor Adventurers Club Founders Mark Sky and Malin Ek to be the most ambitious expedition connecting the wildest places in the Sea to Sky. 

The Infinity Loop is 100% human-powered and includes climbing all the iconic mountains, scrambling all the famous traverses, packrafting the most wild rivers, running through the most beautiful provincial parks, mountain biking the Sea to Sky Trail and paddling a fjord off the Pacific Ocean. 

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Raise & Donate


BC Parks Ambassador Program

Educating and protecting the Sea to Sky trails, mountains, rivers, lakes and provincial parks for future generations..



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Start: July 29, 2022

Finish: August 15-20, 2022


Approximately 550-600km

Approximately 25,000m (82,000ft) vertical gain

16-20 Days


Sea to Sky Region

Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton

British Columbia, Canada

Sea to Sky Infinity Loop Map.jpg

Provincial Parks

Cypress Provincial Park

Indian Arm Provincial Park

Porteau Cove Provincial Park

Stawamus Chief Provincial Park

Garibaldi Provincial Park

Tantalus Provincial Park

Brandywine Falls Provincial Park

Blackcomb Glacier Provincial Park

Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park

Famous Rivers, Lakes + Ocean

Iconic Mountains

Indian Arm Fjord

Howe Sound

Pacific Ocean

Elfin Lakes

Garibaldi Lake

Cheakamus Lake

Wedgemount Lake

Green Lake

Lake Lovely Water

Squamish River

Russet Lake

West Lion

Sky Pilot


Black Tusk








Iconic Traverses

Howe Sound Crest Trail

Garibaldi Neve Traverse

Spearhead Traverse

Armchair Traverse

Sea to Sky Super Traverse

Tantalus Traverse

Expedition Summary

1. Mountain bike from our home in Squamish to the north end of the Indian Arm with our packrafts and paddling gear.

2. Paddle to Deep Cove with bikes on top of packrafts. 

3. Bike to Cypress Ski Resort.

4. Hike/Run Howe Sound Crest Trail to Porteau Cove. 

• Climb West Lion

5. Hike/Run up trail to Mountain Lake Hut. Scramble through the alpine, over Sky Pilot and back to our house in Squamish.

• Climb Sky Pilot

6. Bike from home to Elfin Lakes parking lot.

7. Hike with all mountaineering gear following a famous winter backcountry ski route called the 'Garibaldi Neve Traverse'. This includes traveling past Elfin Lakes and traversing glaciers to summit Mt. Garibaldi.  Followed by a bushwhacking adventure around Table Mountain to the Garibaldi Lake Campground.

• Climb Mt. Garibaldi

• Garibaldi Neve Traverse

Adventure Couple Mountain Climbing Mark Sky and Malin Ek.jpg
Mountain Athlete Malin Ek Garibaldi.JPEG

8. Summit Black Tusk then run to Whistler.

• Climb Black Tusk

9. Climb Whistler Mountain. Hike/Run the infamous ski route that is rarely completed in the summer: Spearhead Traverse. Climb Blackcomb at the end of the traverse and hike/run down to Upper Village area of Whistler.

• Climb Whistler Mountain

• Climb Blackcomb Mountain

• Spearhead Traverse

10. Hike/Run and buswhack our way until we summit Wedge Mountain - the tallest mountain in the Sea to Sky.  Hike down to Wedgemount Lake.

• Climb Mt. Wedge

11. Climb up and summit Mt. Cook and scramble the Armchair Traverse to the summit of Mt. Weart.

• Climb Mt. Cook

• Climb. Mt. Weart

• Armchair Traverse

12. Hike over the glaciers past Mt. Moe and make our way through this mysterious area that is very rarely travelled to the summit of Mt. Currie. This completes the Sea to Sky Super Traverse but we are attempting the full Sea to Sky Infinity Loop…so the show goes on.

• Climb Mt. Currie

13. Hike down and bike the Sea to Sky Trail to the Paradise Valley Campground.

14. Packraft the Class 3 Whitewater section of the Cheakamus River (with our bikes on top of our packrafts) until we reach Fergie’s Café/Squamish Valley Road.

15. Bike to Sigurd Creek Trail, dropping our packrafts on route near the 'Tantalus Cable Crossing' for later in the mission.


16. Finally, it’s time to tackle the hardest traverse in the Sea to Sky. Hike, scramble and climb the infamous Tantalus Traverse  before descending past Lake Lovely Water, down to Squamish River.

• Climb Mt. Tantalus

• Tantalus Traverse

17. Cross the cables across the Squamish River. Inflate packrafts and paddle the entire Squamish River until we reach downtown Squamish.

18. Deflate our packrafts for the final time – throw all our gear on our backs – and walk back home to close out the Sea to Sky Infinity Loop!

And sleep for a solid week! …

Adventure Couple Squamish Mark Sky n Malin Ek.JPEG

Our Official and Amazing Partners


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The VIMFF Coast Mountain Adventure Grant presented by Arc'teryx will award a total of $3000 CAD to local adventurers who have exploratory and human powered objectives in the Coast Mountains of the Pacific North West.

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Smartwool wants to empower wellness for all through access to a healthy planet. Protecting the future of the outdoors is one of our goal and focusing on social impact and conservation is one way of achieving this.

By supporting the Sea to Sky Infinity loop project, we continue our journey toward this goal while supporting one of our local communities.

Escape Route

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The Escape Route and our customers appreciate the beauty of our Provincial parks.  This playground needs to be protected and supported so that it can continue to provide the soul nourishing experiences we all love. 


This is our home, by protecting this place we also make the world better.  That is why we are supporting the Sea to Sky Infinity Project in such a substantial way.

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VIMFF Coast Mountain Adventure Grant presented by Arc’teryx: a grant to enable local explorers and adventurers to undertake their dream expeditions.


Our aim is to support Canadian adventures in our own backyard, while promoting a multitude of outdoor pursuits and bringing the resulting story to the VIMFF stage for our community to enjoy.

'Mark and Malin will share a presentation of the Sea to Sky Infinity Loop to a live audience at the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival - February 2023.'

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